FYI Entertainment started in 1999, by a few friends who just wanted to gig. Since their bands were new, they were not allowed to join in the gigs that were around in KL- so they decided to organize their owns shows. Their first few gigs started in 2000, at venues such as The Blue Planet, Charlie's Place, No Black Tie, Paul's Place and smaller venues all over KL. In 2001 FYI Entertainment took Malaysian bands gigging to venues in Singapore and at the same time, they were organizing shows outside of KL as well.

FYI Entertainment was involved with many music compilations and helped organize many music festivals like the Dragon Jamming Lounge, Indiefestation @ Sunway Pyramid( 5 day music fest), French Music Fest( 2 day music fest) and many more.

A few years after organizing constant gigs and music festivals, they started to include overseas in-die bands in their shows from Asian countries such Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia and Japan. They also brought these bands to play in venues in Singapore as well.

In 2007 FYI Entertainment brought down American Punk Rock veterans NOFX and the show was a success for them. This was the first time a band like this came to Malaysia and this was the start of something bigger in the Malaysian music scene.

In the years to follow, FYI Entertainment concentrated in releasing new material and organized many charity shows and events all over Malaysia.

In 2014 FYI Entertainment helped organized CJ Playground, which is a 3 day festival which includ-ed music,gaming and tech talks. They were in charge of the music part of the event, which includ-ed a Battle of the Bands and concerts which featured local and foreign bands. They brought down 21 Scott from Korea and also Superman is Dead from Indonesia.

While organizing a few events in Malaysia, FYI Entertainment organized a creative festival in 2015 called the "Kawan Fest" which included music, creative bazaar, indie film screening, cosplay and also DIY Culture. They brought down Japan's female fronted Ska band Yum! Yum! ORANGE as the festival headliner. The band liked them so much-they made FYI Entertainment in charge of all their International bookings.

In 2016 while organizing many events, FYI Entertainment is in the process of recording their bands and will be releasing a few EPs, albums and compilations with local and Asian bands. These products will be released in 2017.